Our Committee:


Mark English

Committee Chair


John Ferguson

Committee Treasurer

Alex Brown

Committee Secretary

Town of Geddes Democratic Committee Statement of Purpose

The mission of our Committee is to represent the interests of hard working Women and Men of our Community and to do our best to see that the children of Geddes are provided with the environment and the life they will need to build their future.

We intend to elect Democrats to the Town and Village offices and to promote party candidates on the local, state and national level.

But we know that winning alone is not enough. We must use victories to effectuate positive change for all our citizens. We will seek to inform, engage and involve as many people as possible in order to reach consensus about how to move Geddes forward.

We mean to unite and not to divide the people of Geddes. It is not our intention to use our party to divide, denigrate or abuse people who might disagree with us on some political issue or other.

We Will Tell The Truth!

You will not see us use the internet to diseminate hate filled rants or to spread slander. These tactics demean the perpetuation of the political process and distract all of us from our duty as citizens to promote responsible government.

However, we will strongly advocate for the principles and policies of our Democratic Party and we will defend our members, our candidates and the truth.

-The Geddes Solvay Democratic Committee for a Stronger Community